This is a list of projects using stable-baselines. Please tell us when if you want your project to appear on this page ;)

Learning to drive in a day

Implementation of reinforcement learning approach to make a donkey car learn to drive. Uses DDPG on VAE features (reproducing paper from

Author: Roma Sokolkov (@r7vme)

Donkey Gym

OpenAI gym environment for donkeycar simulator.

Author: Tawn Kramer (@tawnkramer)

Self-driving FZERO Artificial Intelligence

Series of videos on how to make a self-driving FZERO artificial intelligence using reinforcement learning algorithms PPO2 and A2C.

Author: Lucas Thompson

S-RL Toolbox

S-RL Toolbox: Reinforcement Learning (RL) and State Representation Learning (SRL) for Robotics. Stable-Baselines was originally developped for this project.

Authors: Antonin Raffin, Ashley Hill, René Traoré, Timothée Lesort, Natalia Díaz-Rodríguez, David Filliat

Roboschool simulations training on Amazon SageMaker

“In this notebook example, we will make HalfCheetah learn to walk using the stable-baselines […]”

Author: Amazon AWS

MarathonEnvs + OpenAi.Baselines

Experimental - using OpenAI baselines with MarathonEnvs (ML-Agents)

Author: Joe Booth (@Sohojoe)

Learning to drive smoothly in minutes

Implementation of reinforcement learning approach to make a car learn to drive smoothly in minutes. Uses SAC on VAE features.