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Release 2.5.0 (2019-03-28)

Working GAIL, pretrain RL models and hotfix for A2C with continuous actions

  • fixed various bugs in GAIL
  • added scripts to generate dataset for gail
  • added tests for GAIL + data for Pendulum-v0
  • removed unused utils file in DQN folder
  • fixed a bug in A2C where actions were cast to int32 even in the continuous case
  • added addional logging to A2C when Monitor wrapper is used
  • changed logging for PPO2: do not display NaN when reward info is not present
  • change default value of A2C lr schedule
  • removed behavior cloning script
  • added pretrain method to base class, in order to use behavior cloning on all models
  • fixed close() method for DummyVecEnv.
  • added support for Dict spaces in DummyVecEnv and SubprocVecEnv. (@AdamGleave)
  • added support for arbitrary multiprocessing start methods and added a warning about SubprocVecEnv that are not thread-safe by default. (@AdamGleave)
  • added support for Discrete actions for GAIL
  • fixed deprecation warning for tf: replaces tf.to_float() by tf.cast()
  • fixed bug in saving and loading ddpg model when using normalization of obs or returns (@tperol)
  • changed DDPG default buffer size from 100 to 50000.
  • fixed a bug in in combined_stats for eval. Computed mean on eval_episode_rewards and eval_qs (@keshaviyengar)
  • fixed a bug in that would error on non-GPU systems without TensorFlow installed

Release 2.4.1 (2019-02-11)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • fixed computation of training metrics in TRPO and PPO1
  • added reset_num_timesteps keyword when calling train() to continue tensorboard learning curves
  • reduced the size taken by tensorboard logs (added a full_tensorboard_log to enable full logging, which was the previous behavior)
  • fixed image detection for tensorboard logging
  • fixed ACKTR for recurrent policies
  • fixed gym breaking changes
  • fixed custom policy examples in the doc for DQN and DDPG
  • remove gym spaces patch for equality functions
  • fixed tensorflow dependency: cpu version was installed overwritting tensorflow-gpu when present.
  • fixed a bug in traj_segment_generator (used in ppo1 and trpo) where new was not updated. (spotted by @junhyeokahn)

Release 2.4.0 (2019-01-17)

Soft Actor-Critic (SAC) and policy kwargs

  • added Soft Actor-Critic (SAC) model
  • fixed a bug in DQN where prioritized_replay_beta_iters param was not used
  • fixed DDPG that did not save target network parameters
  • fixed bug related to shape of true_reward (@abhiskk)
  • fixed example code in documentation of tf_util:Function (@JohannesAck)
  • added learning rate schedule for SAC
  • fixed action probability for continuous actions with actor-critic models
  • added optional parameter to action_probability for likelihood calculation of given action being taken.
  • added more flexible custom LSTM policies
  • added auto entropy coefficient optimization for SAC
  • clip continuous actions at test time too for all algorithms (except SAC/DDPG where it is not needed)
  • added a mean to pass kwargs to policy when creating a model (+ save those kwargs)
  • fixed DQN examples in DQN folder
  • added possibility to pass activation function for DDPG, DQN and SAC

Release 2.3.0 (2018-12-05)

  • added support for storing model in file like object. (thanks to @erniejunior)
  • fixed wrong image detection when using tensorboard logging with DQN
  • fixed bug in ppo2 when passing non callable lr after loading
  • fixed tensorboard logging in ppo2 when nminibatches=1
  • added early stoppping via callback return value (@erniejunior)
  • added more flexible custom mlp policies (@erniejunior)

Release 2.2.1 (2018-11-18)

  • added VecVideoRecorder to record mp4 videos from environment.

Release 2.2.0 (2018-11-07)

  • Hotfix for ppo2, the wrong placeholder was used for the value function

Release 2.1.2 (2018-11-06)

  • added async_eigen_decomp parameter for ACKTR and set it to False by default (remove deprecation warnings)
  • added methods for calling env methods/setting attributes inside a VecEnv (thanks to @bjmuld)
  • updated gym minimum version

Release 2.1.1 (2018-10-20)

  • fixed MpiAdam synchronization issue in PPO1 (thanks to @brendenpetersen) issue #50
  • fixed dependency issues (new mujoco-py requires a mujoco licence + gym broke MultiDiscrete space shape)

Release 2.1.0 (2018-10-2)


This version contains breaking changes for DQN policies, please read the full details

Bug fixes + doc update

  • added patch fix for equal function using gym.spaces.MultiDiscrete and gym.spaces.MultiBinary
  • fixes for DQN action_probability
  • re-added double DQN + refactored DQN policies breaking changes
  • replaced async with async_eigen_decomp in ACKTR/KFAC for python 3.7 compatibility
  • removed action clipping for prediction of continuous actions (see issue #36)
  • fixed NaN issue due to clipping the continuous action in the wrong place (issue #36)
  • documentation was updated (policy + DDPG example hyperparameters)

Release 2.0.0 (2018-09-18)


This version contains breaking changes, please read the full details

Tensorboard, refactoring and bug fixes

  • Renamed DeepQ to DQN breaking changes
  • Renamed DeepQPolicy to DQNPolicy breaking changes
  • fixed DDPG behavior breaking changes
  • changed default policies for DDPG, so that DDPG now works correctly breaking changes
  • added more documentation (some modules from common).
  • added doc about using custom env
  • added Tensorboard support for A2C, ACER, ACKTR, DDPG, DeepQ, PPO1, PPO2 and TRPO
  • added episode reward to Tensorboard
  • added documentation for Tensorboard usage
  • added Identity for Box action space
  • fixed render function ignoring parameters when using wrapped environments
  • fixed PPO1 and TRPO done values for recurrent policies
  • fixed image normalization not occurring when using images
  • updated VecEnv objects for the new Gym version
  • added test for DDPG
  • refactored DQN policies
  • added registry for policies, can be passed as string to the agent
  • added documentation for custom policies + policy registration
  • fixed numpy warning when using DDPG Memory
  • fixed DummyVecEnv not copying the observation array when stepping and resetting
  • added pre-built docker images + installation instructions
  • added deterministic argument in the predict function
  • added assert in PPO2 for recurrent policies
  • fixed predict function to handle both vectorized and unwrapped environment
  • added input check to the predict function
  • refactored ActorCritic models to reduce code duplication
  • refactored Off Policy models (to begin HER and replay_buffer refactoring)
  • added tests for auto vectorization detection
  • fixed render function, to handle positional arguments

Release 1.0.7 (2018-08-29)

Bug fixes and documentation

  • added html documentation using sphinx + integration with read the docs
  • cleaned up README + typos
  • fixed normalization for DQN with images
  • fixed DQN identity test

Release 1.0.1 (2018-08-20)

Refactored Stable Baselines

  • refactored A2C, ACER, ACTKR, DDPG, DeepQ, GAIL, TRPO, PPO1 and PPO2 under a single constant class
  • added callback to refactored algorithm training
  • added saving and loading to refactored algorithms
  • refactored ACER, DDPG, GAIL, PPO1 and TRPO to fit with A2C, PPO2 and ACKTR policies
  • added new policies for most algorithms (Mlp, MlpLstm, MlpLnLstm, Cnn, CnnLstm and CnnLnLstm)
  • added dynamic environment switching (so continual RL learning is now feasible)
  • added prediction from observation and action probability from observation for all the algorithms
  • fixed graphs issues, so models wont collide in names
  • fixed behavior_clone weight loading for GAIL
  • fixed Tensorflow using all the GPU VRAM
  • fixed models so that they are all compatible with vectorized environments
  • fixed `set_global_seed` to update `gym.spaces`’s random seed
  • fixed PPO1 and TRPO performance issues when learning identity function
  • added new tests for loading, saving, continuous actions and learning the identity function
  • fixed DQN wrapping for atari
  • added saving and loading for Vecnormalize wrapper
  • added automatic detection of action space (for the policy network)
  • fixed ACER buffer with constant values assuming n_stack=4
  • fixed some RL algorithms not clipping the action to be in the action_space, when using `gym.spaces.Box`
  • refactored algorithms can take either a `gym.Environment` or a `str` ([if the environment name is registered](
  • Hoftix in ACER (compared to v1.0.0)

Future Work :

  • Finish refactoring HER
  • Refactor ACKTR and ACER for continuous implementation

Release 0.1.6 (2018-07-27)

Deobfuscation of the code base + pep8 and fixes

  • Fixed tf.session().__enter__() being used, rather than sess = tf.session() and passing the session to the objects
  • Fixed uneven scoping of TensorFlow Sessions throughout the code
  • Fixed rolling vecwrapper to handle observations that are not only grayscale images
  • Fixed deepq saving the environment when trying to save itself
  • Fixed ValueError: Cannot take the length of Shape with unknown rank. in acktr, when running script.
  • Fixed calling baselines sequentially no longer creates graph conflicts
  • Fixed mean on empty array warning with deepq
  • Fixed kfac eigen decomposition not cast to float64, when the parameter use_float64 is set to True
  • Fixed Dataset data loader, not correctly resetting id position if shuffling is disabled
  • Fixed EOFError when reading from connection in the worker in
  • Fixed behavior_clone weight loading and saving for GAIL
  • Avoid taking root square of negative number in
  • Removed some duplicated code (a2cpolicy, trpo_mpi)
  • Removed unused, undocumented and crashing function reset_task in
  • Reformated code to PEP8 style
  • Documented all the codebase
  • Added atari tests
  • Added logger tests

Missing: tests for acktr continuous (+ HER, rely on mujoco…)


Stable-Baselines is currently maintained by Ashley Hill (aka @hill-a), Antonin Raffin (aka @araffin), Maximilian Ernestus (aka @erniejunior) and Adam Gleave (@AdamGleave).

Contributors (since v2.0.0):

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Thanks to @bjmuld @iambenzo @iandanforth @r7vme @brendenpetersen @huvar @abhiskk @JohannesAck @EliasHasle @mrakgr @Bleyddyn @antoine-galataud @junhyeokahn @AdamGleave @keshaviyengar @tperol